Teaching Philosophy

My primary goal as an educator is to equip students with analytical tools and practical skills for assessing the political world with critical thought and empathy for marginalized populations. I draw on my comparative training to emphasize the skill of applying broad concepts to specific cases, and I foster student ownership of their learning by providing opportunities to explore regions and political issues that fit their personal and professional interests. Learning from people from a diverse set of backgrounds is one of the most valuable opportunities for growth, so I strive to foster an environment where students can learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives. Leaving my class, students should have a deeper understanding of how socio-political structures create differentiated opportunities across groups as well as a stronger ability to communicate this analysis in writing.

Teaching Interests

I am interested in courses in the fields of comparative and American politics and international relations. Within comparative and American politics, I am qualified to teach courses in migration, religion, political psychology and behavior, and public opinion with data analysis. I can also offer courses in European politics and integration. Within international relations, I am prepared to teach courses in migration and international governance. With nearly a decade of experience with National Model United Nations as a staff member and student, I am particularly interested in leading a Model UN team in conjunction with a course or as an extracurricular activity.

Courses Taught at the American University of Sharjah:

Courses Taught at UNC-Chapel Hill:

  • POLI 239 Introduction to European Government
    • Instructor: Fall 2020 (online), Spring 2021 (online)
    • Syllabus
  • POLI 255 International Migration and Citizenship Today
    • Instructor: Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020 (partially online)
    • Syllabus
  • POLI 788 Data Analysis for Social Science
    • Grader and Tutor: Fall 2018
  • POLI 130 Introduction to Comparative Politics
    • Teaching Assistant: Spring 2018
  • POLI 150 International Relations and World Politics
    • Teaching Assistant: Fall 2017

Additional Syllabi

National Model United Nations Undergraduate Committees Directed in New York: